Ground beef egg mushrooms flour pepper green pepper beef broth and 6 more tofu hamburger steak japanese cooking 101 mirin soy sauce salt oil cornstarch panko sake sliced green onions and 4 more.

Cayenne pepper ground black pepper lean ground beef worchestershire sauce and 6 more hamburger patties with onions and brussels sprouts diet doctor salt dried oregano sea salt pepper olive oil heavy whipping cream and 5 more.

Try salisbury steak or cube steak recipes next using shredded butter in burger meat incorporating butter into the beef is a chef secret to keep the patties nice and juicy when meat cooks the proteins tighten and contract and in doing so moisture escapes this can result in tough bricks of meat the butter in the patties steam as they.

Hamburger steak you rsquo ll need these ingredients i rsquo m using a new product for me called ldquo prime rib steakburger rdquo normally i rsquo d be using a good ground beef at about an 80 20 ratio of meat to fat i just saw this on sale and decided to hellip.

In a large bowl combine beef egg bread crumbs garlic powder onion powder and paprika season with salt and pepper divide beef mixture into 4 patties then flatten to frac12 rdquo thick oval patties.