Step 3 add the beans the beans you choose for this side dish will have a great impact on the overall flavor the most common type of bean used here is the pinto bean mdash which cooks down well and has a well rounded earthy taste you may also want to experiment with black beans or cannellini beans for a unique take on the classic recipe.

Ways to use your refried black beans keep it simple by smearing your beans on a tortilla to make tacos or tossing a dollop on nachos get creative and work them into a recipe like my barbacoa beef tostadas or serve them as a side dish here rsquo s a hellip.

Restaurant refried beans vs canned if you rsquo re talking plain canned beans then the restaurant refried beans vs canned debate is over in a snap restaurant versions win but if you rsquo re talking about these awesome cheater refried beans the answer flips cheater restaurant style refried beans have a little more intensity and kick which i.

These classic tex mex nachos are loaded to the max avoid soggy nachos by briefly baking them before topping with cheese seasoned beef refried beans guacamole and salsa theyre a great snack party appetizer or even casual weeknight dinner.

This recipe gives instructions for making refried beans from scratch starting with dried beans you can also easily use canned beans in this case use three 15 ounce cans of whole pinto beans and skip to step 3 rinsing and draining the beans and adding to the pan with a little water in step 4.

Step 4 mash up the beans and then cook an additional few minutes to help thicken up the refried beans how to season refried beans you will saute the onions and then add in the garlic and such before adding beans.

Refried beans mdash simply cooked pinto beans that are mashed and fried in either lard bacon fat or olive oil mdash are not only inexpensive and high in fiber but theyre also a hearty and tasty base for several recipes contrary to common belief in the word refried the prefix re doesnt mean again the way americans are used to using it.

This is a chicken burrito stuffed with a juicy seasoned chicken filling refried beans corn cheese and mexican red rice the refried beans makes it juicy inside without being soggy adds flavour and holds it all together so the filling hellip.

Nachos in general are definitely not a food made for reheating they are best served fresh ndash that rsquo s kind of the nature of the ingredients thanks to the fact that they are so easy and fast to make and the fact you can make a single serving or many this is a perfect one for making just the right amount whenever you are ready to eat them.

2 chicken filling we coat the chicken in the homemade enchilada spice mix then sear for maximum flavour the smell when it hits the pan is wickedly good the filling base starts with sauteed garlic and onion flavour flavour flavour then we mix in refried beans stir in corn and the chopped chicken.

A can of drained rinsed black beans or pinto beans would work well omit the meat and prepare vegetarian nachos swap out the ground beef and use ground turkey or ground chicken leftover pulled pork is also great on nachos drizzling the top of the nachos with sour cream or salsa gives the platter a restaurant quality finishing touch.

Refried beans shredded cheese onion green onions roma tomatoes and 3 more slow cooker cheesy beef nacho chili baked by rachel cayenne pepper green bell pepper salt cumin chicken broth and 16 more.

Add refried beans half of the grated cheese and seasoning transfer to square baking dish top with cheese and bake 1 mix cream cheese and sour cream the first step in making refried bean dip is blending the cream cheese and sour cream together you can either do this with a wooden spoon or with a handheld mixer.

Add refried beans and water to skillet and stir until combined add half the tortilla chips and top with beef bean mixture half the cheese half hellip.

Traditionally you rsquo ll find black beans pinto beans or refried beans in mexican cuisine all three of these are perfect for making nachos as well beans are not required but they rsquo re a protein packed ingredient in case you rsquo re looking for a vegetarian option if you rsquo re serving strict vegetarians make sure the beans don rsquo t contain lard.

If you ask me every great taco possesses the following qualities something hearty beans something creamy avocado something crisp shredded cabbage something tangy pickled onions and feta and lots of fresh flavors these tacos have those qualities in spades these vegetarian tacos were inspired by an authentic mexican taqueria in town bonito hellip.