Gumbo is incredibly popular in the state of louisiana mdash it is the state rsquo s official dish after all gumbo is usually characterized as a soup or stew that features a few key ingredients okra a protein like meat or shellfish vegetables and a roux.

1 can 10 3 4 ounces campbell rsquo s condensed chicken gumbo soup 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 6 pepperidge farm sesame topped hamburger buns toasted instructions step 1 season the beef with salt and pepper cook the beef and onion in a 10 inch skillet over medium high heat until the beef is well browned stirring often to separate meat.

This hearty soup is a basic creole style chicken gumbo made with tomatoes and the essential holy trinity of cajun and creole cooking onions bell peppers and celery the gumbo is flavorful thanks to a mix of spices and an excellent option if youre looking for an authentic yet uncomplicated louisiana style soup.

Gumbo is a thick stew like soup that features various kind of meat like chicken sausages and seafood okra and creole and cajun seasonings but even up to this day its core ingredients method of preparation and even its origin is still widely disputed.

Are gumbo and jambalaya the same thing no gumbo is a hearty soup or stew inspired by the french bouillabaisse and named after the west african word for okra ldquo guingombo rdquo it can be thickened with a dark roux okra or file powder or a combination rice is served on the side with gumbo.

Gumbo an african word for okra is a traditional louisiana creole dish and comforting soul food surprisingly easy chicken shrimp and okra and rich chocolate colored roux all blend deliciously together.

Cream of shrimp is definitely a more niche condensed soup alternative but would work really well in a seafood dish or soup like jambalaya casserole or gumbo 4 cream of asparagus greek yogurt and light sour cream also make for an especially healthy cream of chicken soup substitute.