Baked eggs that are breakfast made with simple ingredients eggs cottage cheese and pepperjack cheese which gives them a little kick everyone asks for this casserole recipe when i make these baked eggs this is a great side to this blueberry croissant puff these french toast roll ups or this bananas foster french toast.

So cue the cheesy hash brown cups with baked eggs the real beauty here is that not only are these cups super filling but they rsquo re also easily enjoyed with a single hand if you don rsquo t mind a little runny yolk here or there and with two babies under age 2 you rsquo d be surprised at the number of things i rsquo ve learned to do with one hand.

Keto baked eggs instructions instructions are for 1 serving please modify as needed preheat the oven to 400 deg f 200 deg c arrange cooked ground beef mixture in a small baking dish and pour in the tex mex seasoning followed by the crushed tomatoes add salt if needed mix well.

To make the cheesy bacon egg muffins preheat your oven to 400 deg f 200 deg c grease a 6 count muffin pan with oil or non stick cooking spray set aside in a large mixing bowl crack in eggs and whisk together with salt and black pepper 2 stir in cooked bacon cheddar cheese italian seasoning and red chili pepper flakes if using.

A recipe for simple cheesy skillet hash browns and eggs the eggs are cooked so the yolks are runny and the hash browns are crispy this recipe makes a delicious one skillet breakfast we serve ours with toast to dip into the runny egg yolks.

Here are some of the modifications i made i oven baked instead of frying added another type of cheese substituted breadcrumbs for the flour and increased the number of eggs in the recipe feel free to adapt this broccoli fritter recipe and make it your own i would love to hear about it.

Baked french eggs these eggs are drizzled with cream or a little melted butter and seasoned simply with salt and pepper i include the baking times so you can cook them to your preferred doneness and they reheat like a dream dont you just hate it when you have a house full of guests and you can only cook 3 eggs at a time to serve them.

So i just nuked the leftover filling and made a little bed on the plate and put the 2 pieces of baked chicken on top ndash problem solved and no cheesy goodness lost i also seasoned my plain panko bread crumbs with a lime zest pepper spice blend we loved it hellip.

To make perfect hard cooked eggs that peel easily place eggs in a single layer in a small saucepan cover with cold water at least 1 inch above eggs bring to a boil cover and immediately remove from heat let stand covered for 15 minutes drain and cool in an ice water bath peel.

Easy cheesy potatoes are sure to become a favorite side dish in your house tender potatoes in a short cut cheese sauce are baked until golden and bubbly this potato casserole will elevate any meal into a feast serve this rich savory side dish with glazed ham baked chicken legs or roasted pork tenderloin cheesy potato ingredients.

Cheesy ham hash egg cups recipe notes you rsquo ll notice that my cheesy ham hash egg cups are square but that rsquo s optional i used this muffin pan to make them but any large round muffin pan will work just as well the key to success is to a not make the ham layer too thick and b use medium or large not extra large eggs ndash otherwise there will be too much white and they will overflow.

The eggplant is cubed and cooked with a tasty combination of cheese eggs bread crumbs garlic and chopped vegetables feel free to add some mushrooms to the eggplant casserole or change the type of cheese.

Cheesy chicken casserole is the perfect easy casserole when you rsquo re short on time or ingredients pasta is tossed with chicken peppers onions and mixed into shortcut cheesy sauce finally this chicken casserole recipe is topped with even more cheese and baked until melty and bubbly.

The spruce eats emily hawkes give vegetarian kids something to smile about when you serve up these sneakily healthy colorful oven baked veggie quesadillas for lunch dinner or a hearty snack three kinds of bell pepper are simply stir fried with cumin lime juice salt and pepper then layered with cheese into flour tortillas for a quick trip through the oven.

Basil eggs prosciutto ricotta zucchini blossoms parmesan cheese baked stuffed zucchini blossoms mangia bedda large egg salt ricotta zucchini blossoms olive oil grated pecorino romano cheese and 6 more.

Presence of a crust frittatas are crustless while quiche are built on a pastry baking vessel frittatas are prepared in a skillet usually well seasoned cast iron or nonstick because they start on the stovetop and finish in the oven quiche are baked in a pie pan to support the custard and crust egg to dairy ratio frittatas consist mainly of eggs with a splash of dairy to maintain moisture.

Traditionally quiches are baked in a pie crust any excuse i have to make my buttery flaky pie crust i do it my version uses eggs whole milk for an extra creamy texture cheddar mozzarella cheeses parmesan cheese frozen spinach garlic and mushrooms.

Baked spaghetti is pretty much a mash up of all the best qualities of classic spaghetti and a cheesy baked lasagna the hearty casserole consists of spaghetti noodles and meat sauce layered with creamy ricotta and melty mozzarella cheese which needless to say makes it just the kind of meal you want to tuck into mid winter.

Instructions preheat oven to 400 degrees f to make the meatballs in a large bowl combine ground beef cheeses egg onion garlic parsley and seasonings mixing well use a cookie scoop to form the meatballs so they are all the same size rolling them around in your hands and arrange on a baking dish or cookie sheet.

Cheesy pasta bake recipe this ground beef pasta casserole is hearty family friendly comfort food that feeds a small army if you need a crowd pleasing dish to bring to a potluck work function or party this easy pasta bake is a slam dunk.

Half the pleasure of making baked spaghetti or lasagna is enjoying the leftovers this baked spaghetti will keep in the fridge for at least five days reheat individual slices in the microwave or warm the whole casserole covered with foil in the oven at 350 deg f until bubbly again.

Served up with vitamin c rich sweet potatoes cheesy croutons and a drizzle of yoghurt this is a great meat free meal for the whole family baked cheese ham pasta oozing with four different cheeses this pasta bake from gennaro contaldo is pretty indulgent but makes a delicious family treat every now and again.