German red cabbage or in german ldquo rotkohl rdquo some say also ldquo blaukraut rdquo is a great side dish it goes very well with german beef rouladen and mashed potatoes which is a very traditional combination you can find german red cabbage on every festive menu in every good restaurant and inn that serve home made dishes.

The german creamy savoy cabbage is a side dish that is wonderful with ham or any sausages and potatoes such as mashed or fried potatoes savoy cabbage is very popular in germany and you can find it in your local super markets you will like this authentic and proven german recipe happy cooking ingredients 1 small ndash medium sized savoy cabbage.

To make cabbage rolls start by boiling a head of cabbage for 2 minutes or until its soft then pull away the leaves from the outside of the cabbage and cut off the thick center vein on each leaf next set the leaves aside and mix beef pork tomato sauce onion rice parsley salt pepper and paprika to make the filling.

Cutting cabbage into squares rinse cabbage and drain salt the cabbage by mixing it with saltwater mix 3 c water and 3 t sea salt in a large bowl put half of the cabbage and add the saltwater sprinkle 1 t sea salt on top of the cabbage add remaining cabbage and toss let the cabbage sit in saltwater for 1 hour.